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Provisioning EMC Storage for Windows 4X Faster with ESI

The EMC Storage Integrator for Windows was made to simplify and automate many of the mundane tasks associated with provisioning storage in a Windows environment. It is a free download and comes complete with a simple MMC interface as well as PowerShell commandlets, SharePoint provisioning wizards, and System Center plugins for Ops Manager and Orchestrator. Good stuff here.

ESI = EMC Storage Integrator (for Windows Environments)

In the video below, Sam talks with Giri Basava about the latest EMC Storage Integrator, a free download that makes setup for Windows hosts a breeze.

You can get this plug-in at Powerlink (Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads E-I > EMC Storage Integrator)

Here’s the official product description.

EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) for Windows simplifies the management and provisioning of EMC storage for Microsoft Windows Servers and Applications in a physical as well as virtual (Hyper-V) environments. It maps application resources to Windows and in turn provides mapping to underlying Storage resources. With ESI, administrators can provision block and file storage for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SharePoint Farms. ESI supports the EMC CLARiiON CX4 series, EMC VNX series, EMC VNXe series, EMC Symmetrix VMAX and EMC Symmetrix VMAXe.  Version 1.3 adds virtualization capability using Hyper-V and support for File Stream Remote Blob Store.