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headshotBrian Henderson has been working in the storage space since 1996 in roles ranging from support to engineering to his current technical consulting role. He talks to both large and small businesses who wish to take advantage of new infrastructure technologies offered by EMC and related software providers.  Since about 1998, he has been recommending ways to enhance the deployment of Microsoft’s enterprise server software products like Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

Why did I name the blog Power Windows?

Well, the windows part is pretty obvious.  I have been working with Microsoft products just about forever it seems, and on a professional level for about the past ten. I know a fair amount about how the company works and operates.

I added the word “power” because I work for EMC and we sell the world’s best storage hardware and software (market leaders and all that).  When you see a Windows box connected to an EMC SAN it’s like having Power Windows 🙂

Also power windows were a significant technological advancement for a car – having a button sure beats having to roll up windows the old way.  Same with a SAN – once you understand this technology, going back to a bunch of servers / JBOD is really old fashioned.

Also –

I love music.  The Canadian “power trio” Rush is my favorite band of all time (people love em or hate em), and “Power Windows” happens to be one of their albums (not their best in my opinion, but a decent one).

Comments –

Please feel free to comment here or ask questions. I use the WordPress trust-once system which means I only moderate your first post.  After that, it’s fair game, and I feel it’s important to not delete a thing unless it’s spam related to watches or drugs or something else dirty.

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9 thoughts on “About Brian

  1. Carole Gunst

    Nice blog! My brother loved Rush. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to “Today’s Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you…” and it still makes no sense to me.

    1. Brian Post author

      Hey Carole, welcome and thanks for your comment/compliment! A lot of people poke fun at Rush for Geddy’s voice and for having the world’s most pretentious lyrics, but as a musician I really appreciate their overall sound (esp Neil’s drum work) more than anything else. I do find it fascinating how well thought each lyric actually was… and written by the drummer!

      More about Tom Sawyer here on Wikipedia. I wrote the entry. Just kidding. I’m not that bad. 🙂

  2. Brian P

    Hi Brian – I am contacting you regarding your post on TechFusion. I read your post below re: your experience with them and I am now going through the same thing.

    They are trying to charge me $595 for data that I repeatedly told them was not critical. Unfortunately they charged my credit card up front and I am now battling to get it back.

    I’m just curious what the outcome was with your situation. This whole ordeal has struck me as verrrry shady and your post below only gives creedence to my theory….

    Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.


    So I farmed out the data recovery. Dropped it off and then a couple days later, I got the call from Techfusion in Cambridge. They had all my data intact, sitting there right in front of them… but the estimate was $2500!!

    I complained and complained how ridiculous that price was for a non-commercial customer and asked to talk to the manager and tried anything I could muster. I finally worked out a deal with the company to reduce the price a bit, by offering to be quoted under their happy customers page. Sure I said. And then he basically wrote me a quote about how I relied on them and how fast and good their service was… OK fine.

  3. Brian Post author

    Guess what Kathleen – we are putting together a new series starting early next year. I will be sure to mention it on this blog so please check back or subscribe so you don’t miss the dates and details.


  4. Gobind

    Hi Brian,

    Great blog !!

    I have sent you a linkedin request. Please accept. Am a Storage aspirant & also lov working with Windows servers.



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