EMC’s new VNXe3200: Come Fly with Me

I am very excited to write about the new VNXe3200 which brings a new level of power and flexibility to EMC’s entry level VNXe system, while retaining its simplicity for non-storage experts.

KittyHawk was a fitting codename we used for EMC’s 3rd generation VNXe platform – which flies at an altitude further up from any VNXe you may have seen before – yet remains simple and affordable at prices starting under $12,000 US list price.

So let’s jump right in and take a quick fly-by of the important features, shall we?


The VNXe3200 has many new features from larger VNX models:

  • FAST Suite (autotiering and SSD caching)
  • Fibre Channel Support
  • MCx Multicore Optimization
  • VMware support: VAAI, VASA
  • Microsoft support: SMB3 support, ODX support, on array SMI-S provider, NPIV

The VNXe3200 also has features which aren’t on larger VNX models – mostly features focused on the IT generalist.

  • A revised configuration wizard that lets you setup NAS or SAN in under 15 minutes
  • Unified Snapshots for file and block with new LUN groups (for grouping databases and logs together as an example)
  • New system metrics for simple performance collection and charting
  • Expanded EMC Connect Proactive Support ecosystem to help resolve issues 5X faster

And the hardware got a makeover too.

  • Compared to a VNXe3150, the VNXe3200 has upgraded processors, MCx multicore optimization, and a bump in system memory from 8GB to 48GB!
  • Like VNXe3150, we support SSD, SAS, and large NL-SAS drives, but the VNXe3200 now supports FAST Suite – FAST VP autotiering and FAST Cache to easily add up to an overall 3X performance boost over the VNXe3150.
  • We’ve expanded protocol and connectivity options from Ethernet only to Ethernet and Fibre Channel and support file and block protocols – iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS (including SMB3).

There’s far too much to say in a single blog post about all of the goodness around the new VNXe3200 – but that’s some more information to get you started.

Here’s some more links to check out:

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