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EMC’s new VNXe3200: Come Fly with Me

I am very excited to write about the new VNXe3200 which brings a new level of power and flexibility to EMC’s entry level VNXe system, while retaining its simplicity for non-storage experts.

KittyHawk was a fitting codename we used for EMC’s 3rd generation VNXe platform – which flies at an altitude further up from any VNXe you may have seen before – yet remains simple and affordable at prices starting under $12,000 US list price.

So let’s jump right in and take a quick fly-by of the important features, shall we?


The VNXe3200 has many new features from larger VNX models:

  • FAST Suite (autotiering and SSD caching)
  • Fibre Channel Support
  • MCx Multicore Optimization
  • VMware support: VAAI, VASA
  • Microsoft support: SMB3 support, ODX support, on array SMI-S provider, NPIV

The VNXe3200 also has features which aren’t on larger VNX models – mostly features focused on the IT generalist.

  • A revised configuration wizard that lets you setup NAS or SAN in under 15 minutes
  • Unified Snapshots for file and block with new LUN groups (for grouping databases and logs together as an example)
  • New system metrics for simple performance collection and charting
  • Expanded EMC Connect Proactive Support ecosystem to help resolve issues 5X faster

And the hardware got a makeover too.

  • Compared to a VNXe3150, the VNXe3200 has upgraded processors, MCx multicore optimization, and a bump in system memory from 8GB to 48GB!
  • Like VNXe3150, we support SSD, SAS, and large NL-SAS drives, but the VNXe3200 now supports FAST Suite – FAST VP autotiering and FAST Cache to easily add up to an overall 3X performance boost over the VNXe3150.
  • We’ve expanded protocol and connectivity options from Ethernet only to Ethernet and Fibre Channel and support file and block protocols – iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS (including SMB3).

There’s far too much to say in a single blog post about all of the goodness around the new VNXe3200 – but that’s some more information to get you started.

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Provisioning EMC Storage for Windows 4X Faster with ESI

The EMC Storage Integrator for Windows was made to simplify and automate many of the mundane tasks associated with provisioning storage in a Windows environment. It is a free download and comes complete with a simple MMC interface as well as PowerShell commandlets, SharePoint provisioning wizards, and System Center plugins for Ops Manager and Orchestrator. Good stuff here.