EMC’s Next Generation VNX Arrives!

VNX5800_so_300dpiFinally the big day is here.  The next generation VNX models are now available and shipping. 

We’ve got a big launch day that started at 11am Milan Italy time. We’ve partnered with Lotus to provide a speed / agility theme and also have a limited edition VNX Lotus bezel available for the 5400.

Press Releases include:

New EMC Storage Arrays, Systems & Software-Defined Storage Speed IT Transformation

New EMC VNX Shatters the Definition and Economics of Midrange Storage

EMC Transforms EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure, Supports 2x More Virtual Machines at Same Price

EMC Announces Availability of ViPR Software-Defined Storage Platform

These 2 “search links” will provide insight into how the announcement is progressing throughout the day.

Articles   Videos

Some people I know who are going to have a lot to say include:

Eric Herzog

Chad Sakac

Jeremy Burton

Even if you aren’t on Twitter a lot, it’s going to be one of those days where it will be a lot of fun to stay tuned.

#emc #SpeedtoLead

VNX Data Protection Ask the Experts
I will be answering questions in a VNX Data Protection Ask the Experts Session / online forum Sept 4th – Sept 19th.  Sign up for email updates and ask away!

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