How to Follow VMworld from your Couch


The VMworld effect?

This week is VMworld and if you are in IT, it’s likely that you might be hearing about it in some way.  There are tweets, press releases, pictures of grown men dressed up like bunnies, and people that you forgot about that are suddenly professing their love for the software defined datacenter on LinkedIn.  Yes, this is the VMworld effect and admit it – you want to be there!

So how do you find out about all the new tech goodies without missing a beat – all from your desk or couch?

The easy way is to simply follow Chad Sakac –  Blog  YouTube  Twitter.

He’s now running Presales for EMC and he’s still the core “voice” for VMware virtualization at EMC.  He gets access to top secret previews of new technology like no one other person at EMC.  Did you know he also has a huge datacenter 2 miles beneath his house on a glacier up there in Canada?  He doesn’t, I made that up.  But he does have a lot of EMC storage in his house!

One of the coolest demos I saw on his YouTube channel was this one which shows “vSphere Replication on steroids” using a beta version of RecoverPoint which supports VM-Level Granularity.  This is something that I know our customers have been asking about, and it was great to see the wraps finally come off of this one.

VMworld 2013: VM-Granular replication with EMC Recoverpoint/VE


Another thing to check out is the latest video from Fred Nix and gang. Stay for the Chad and Nick Weaver cameo at the end.

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