Lightning FAST SQL Server Databases with EMC’s VFCache

For Microsoft SQL Server DBAs, EMC now offers yet another way to use Flash technology to improve performance of your databases and applications.

To review, here’s the first three ways to leverage Flash to speed up SQL Server transactions:

  1. You can use Flash as primary storage for SQL databases.
  2. You can use it as a system-wide array-based cache (FAST Cache).
  3. You can set up auto-tiering with it using FASTVP (setup a pool with SSDs and move only the hottest data to Flash).  If you are using a VNX you should check out this paper on how it works).

And now… this is pretty big for EMC… we are offering hardware for your server to accelerate IOs in read-intensive workloads.  Yes, it’s true.   I heard on a pre-briefing call describing the technology.  Someone said “it’s the first time within EMC that you will ever see the server bigger than the storage array.”  Yes, times are a-changing and we’ve got to stay on top of the market…

I believe this makes EMC the only vendor that offers 4 ways to use Flash to improve workload performance.

For more on the big announcement and why we did it and how it work, please check out the live webcast at 1pm EST.

So… back to my point, what does VFCache do for SQL Server?

  • How does tripling your transactions sound ?
  • How about reducing latency by 87% ?

It sounds made up, doesn’t it?

Ah, but it’s true.  It was fully tested in our Solutions Group – people that put our technology through its paces within application-oriented use cases.   To prove my point, I’ve attached the paper and put some of the best charts below.

Here’s some of the charts, and you can download the paper right here.

Remember to check out the live webcast at 1pm EST on February 6th


Here’s a great video from Demartek that shows real benchmark numbers



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