FREE VNXe Simulator, Now Available!

Our new VNXe “demo simulator” lets you interact with it – like it’s a VNXe real system.

  • First step is to download the product (it runs on Windows).    >> Download link
  • Then it opens an executable file like below which you will need to install.
  • The download itself is about 150 MB
  • It has been downloaded well over 50,000 times so you can ensure there’s no viruses or spyware anything crazy like that.


If you are looking for the download to start right now, you can click this link

14 thoughts on “FREE VNXe Simulator, Now Available!

  1. vamsi


    thankx for the link, do we have any practice guide for this like we have for navisphere simulator if yes plese post the link thanks in advance

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  3. Charles Hargis

    Thanks for the awesome simulator. I have a question. I have tried to create a cifs server, and when it gets to the part of “configuring shared folder types”, it just hangs forever.
    Am I doing something wrong, or is that normal?


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