Free Windows Training from RunAsRadio

People learn in all sorts of ways and I wanted to take a minute to highlight  one of my favorite sources of free IT training – RunAsRadio.  I can download these MP3’s and listen to them on my commute (when I’m not on the phone).

From their website:

RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products. The full range of IT topics is covered from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint.    RunAs Radio was launched on April 11, 2007 with a nod from its sister show, .NET Rocks!, which started as a weekly downloadable mp3 in August, 2002! Coincidentally, the first RunAs Radio show featured Patrick Hynds, who was also the first guest on .NET Rocks!  Richard Campbell, the third co-host of .NET Rocks!, hosts RunAs Radio along with Greg Hughes.   Each show promises to be about 30 minutes long and focused on a single topic.     A full range of audio formats and feed options are offered.

Some of the recent webcasts include (recommended ones in bold).

  • Brian Randell Uses Lab Management for IT Testing!
  • Pam Lahoud is Proactive about SQL Server Performance
  • Brad McGehee on the Remote IT Administrator!
  • Susan Bradley Digs Into Small Business Server 2011!
  • Joel Oleson Talks Office 365!
  • Amit Agarwal Analyzes SQL Traces with Project Lucy!
  • Ned Pyle Migrates from FRS and DFSR!
  • Kevin Kline Recaps PASS!
  • Alan Sugano Helps Us Migrate from VMWare ESX to ESXi!
  • Mark Minasi Ask Questions About Cloud!
  • Jeremy Moskowitz Troubleshoots Group Policy!
  • David Mills on System Center Essentials!
  • Clint Huffman Announces PAL 2.0!
  • Sean Deuby Talks Identity in the Cloud!
  • Jeff Stokes Introduces Us to xPerf!
  • Don Jones Revisits PowerShell!
  • Adam Hall Automates with Opalis in System Center!
  • Jose Barreto Distributes Our File System!
  • Alan Burchill Talks Group Policy Preferences!
  • Rhonda Layfield, Queen of Deployment!
  • Chris Jackson on IE6 App Compat!
  • Stephen Rose on the State of Windows Today!
  • Adam Gent Gets Us Started with OCS!
  • Doug Finke on the OData PowerShell Explorer!
  • Adam Machanic Does SQL in Parallel
  • Isaac Roybal on Microsoft, Cisco and the Unified Computing System!
  • Dana Epp Fixes a Security Vulnerabilty!
  • Kim Tripp and Paul Randal Talk about Learning Effectively!
  • Richard Campbell on the Differences Between IT and Dev!
  • Mark Minasi on the Things Windows 8 Needs!
  • Mark Minasi Digs Into Office and Presentations!
  • Robert Smith Debugs Windows!
  • Vijay Tewari Briefs Us on Hyper-V in 2008 R2 SP1!
  • Joel Oleson Upgrades to Sharepoint 2010!
  • Alex Payne Compares Online Offerings!
  • Daniel Parker Adds Linux to Active Directory!
  • Laura Chappell Wires Sharks!
  • Brent Ozar Masters SQL Server 2008!
  • Francois Doremieux Updates us on Office Communicator!
  • Robert Hamilton Prevents Data Loss!
  • Eriq Neale Puts Macs in Active Directory!
  • Nick Simons Puts Office on the Web!
  • Amy Babinchuk Deals with Security in EBS!
  • Dave Sobel on Virtualization for Small Businesses!
  • Robert Crane Manages Sharepoint 2010!
  • Kevin Royalty Uses Home Server in Businesses!
  • Doug Toombs Gets Us More Free Tools!
  • Rolly Perreaux Manages with Microsoft Project!
  • Clint Huffman Does Hyper-V Performance Tuning!
  • Richard Hicks Gets Us Secure on the ForeFront!
  • Rodney Buike Talks Office 2010!
  • Brent Ozar puts SQL in the Cloud!
  • Stephen Rose Deploys Windows 7 to Businesses!
  • Kevin Kline on the State of SQL Server and More!
  • Laura Hunter Upgrades Active Directory with Server 2008 R2!
  • Mitch Garvis Gets Us Deployed with MDT 2010!
  • Rhonda Layfield Deploys Everything!
  • Bhargav Shukla Goes Deep on Exchange 2010 High Availability and Resiliency!
  • Sumeet Bansal and Chris Featherstone Go Solid State Driving!
  • Bhargav Shukla Deploys Exchange 2010!

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