VNXe – A Redesigned GUI for Application Owners

You’ve already seen a view a bunch of the screenshots of this new product that caters to the IT generalist.

And – you may have heard some of the cool behind the scenes development tidbits from Chad Sakac’s blog here.

GUI and Redesign

The specific thing I wanted to mention is how important (I think) this new interface design is for EMC, especially with this product.  Well before the product released there was a lot of research done, test system pilots performed, and beta products put out.  Time and time again, three major themes kept emerging among this audience of small/midsized businesses:

  1. EMC is known for being a trusted, reliable brand (that’s a good thing)
  2. EMC is too expensive (ouch)
  3. EMC is difficult to manage*

Then someone really smart said, “We really gotta fix #’s 2 and 3 if we want to play in the lower end of the market.”

And we put to work a team of usability engineer and designers with relative storage-industry outsider status who could take a fresh perspective on what it means to:

  • Provision a shared folder
  • Provision storage for virtualization environments
  • Manage and report on storage utilization
  • and so much more…

I think time will show that this investment was well worth it.   So far, every customer I’ve shown the VNXe demo, cannot believe how easy it is to use!

*This is a realization not much different from the excellent conclusions made by Thomas Goetz in his excellent Wired Magazine article and TED talk on how medical data could be redesigned by talented graphic designers to quickly enable clients and doctors to navigate a set of complex and inter-related factors…


1 thought on “VNXe – A Redesigned GUI for Application Owners

  1. Anita

    Brian- It was a good post indeed. This is an incredible refactoring of the all the wow factors of the emc portfolio indeed in a nutshell.So this is the range of a product that emc should be really gung ho about!

    The kind of flexibility, scalability and the most amazing part of it, being the user’s ability to do things with it with its dynamic environment is indeed remarkable. Even a non storage-savvy person could indeed work his way around smoothly . This super cool-ly gives the user an inside peek of the physical infrastructure that so far wasn’t possible , ( thanks to the complicated storage management) to get a feel of it hands-on making them more pro with it.

    The configuration of a product is the factor that marks the pricing startegy for it. To have the incorporation of the extensive line up of hard -rocking hardware in sync with the supreme software is a killer combination for EMC to mark its entry into the SMB arena.

    Indeed as the branding strategy goes as “its indeed so cool, to be small, is quite a deal to reckon with for EMC in its SMB portfolio with its so far , best feature rich economical and environment friendly thought….. !”


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