vSpecialists and an Exchange 2010 Private Cloud Webcast

So, I’ve been lucky enough to get invited to participate in an amazing webcast series with some really incredible speakers in August.

I’ll be talking about “Getting Microsoft Exchange 2010 into the Private Cloud” – a recommended new approach towards your company’s Exchange strategy with technical best practices to help you understand the term Private Cloud and turn it into something actionable and real.

Please sign up today!     Other sessions include:

  • Building Blocks for a 100% Virtualized and Protected Data Center
  • Disaster Avoidance with VMware vSphere and EMC VPLEX
  • vCenter Plug-ins from EMC


The other three webcasts are being delivered by some really smart folks:  Scott Baker, Scott Lowe, and Tee Glasgow – they are all vSpecialists!   The level of talent on this webcast series is daunting.  How can I measure up to these vSpecialists…  It’s like the Karate Kid trying to take on 3 ninjas.

Since vSpecialists are pretty much driving the virtualization agenda at EMC  …  and there’s three of them and one of me…  I thought it would be proper to not try to beat em, but join em, and become a “virtual” vSpecialist for the month of August.

Check it out (gotta love PhotoShop):

I've been working out - with Windows !

Oh yeah, read more about these vSpecialists here.    They’re doing amazing things and they are always looking for a few good geeks.


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