EMC Can Do Exchange for Small Towns, Too

Dustin Smith, Exchange MVP, Certified Master, and new blogger over here wrote a nice post about how EMC has offerings in the SMB space for Exchange.

Typically when EMC enters a room to talk about storage options for Exchange (and SQL and SharePoint), many folks think we are going to cook up an expensive, Fibre-Channel solution that will cost three times as much as anyone else.   In the Proven Solutions labs we set out to prove the naysayers wrong by offering a solid set of choices for customers who wish to deploy Exchange 2010 on low-cost distributed storage platforms (versus consolidated, virtualized platforms).

Here are some examples on Microsoft’s website:


1-1000 Mailboxes

1001-5000 Mailboxes

The price on the Iomega solution is especially compelling… which Dustin describes here:

This little device is aimed at the ~250 user SMB space but can actually fit in larger scenarios just as well. We wanted to see what this thing could do with a complex application such as Exchange 2010, so we actually put these through the paces as part of the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) to showcase how it could handle 260 users (and beyond) with a whopping 10GB mailboxes in an Exchange DAG configuration with JBOD. The results were quite impressive for the cost and size of this device which make it a great fit in the SMB or even mid size space. We’ve even worked with larger enterprise customers that are using these in their branch offices as a cost-effective solution for file or block storage.

The point: EMC has the right Exchange storage option for you – even if you are a small business, you work in a small company, or live in a small town 🙂


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