Earth Day and Your Datacenter

Did you know that:

  • 1.5 percent of all power consumed in the US is consumed by datacenters
  • Energy costs could soon consume 1/2 an organizations IT budget (Gartner)
  • 60% of a datacenters energy consumption is wasted (Gartner)

Are you in a position to influence the choice of decision makers at your company?  Or, maybe you work for a vendor, and you can influence the choices people make at other companies and organizations.  Or maybe you’re an analyst or media person, and through your opinion you can talk about deploying more efficent ways to run a datacenter and highlight the dwindling power/energy situation.  We know that data center power/energy consumption concerns will continue to rise in the next few years, so what are you doing about it?

Shouldn’t part of your role be to educate yourself on others on the latest technologies that can really make a difference in terms of your energy consumption?

Maybe your company is already a Green IT Star?

Not only are companies continuing to think more about sustainable resources and green IT, but many have also moved to adopt technologies that immediately lower their energy footprint.  Server hardware is commonly underutilized.  Disk capacity is often overprovisioned.  You’re paying for your disks to keep spinning day and night – they are often running idle, waiting to be used, waiting for users to login and start performing real work in order to actually do something with all those CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network resources.

By trying out some of the latest technologies like virtualization, spindown, automated storage tiering, and good ole Information Lifecycle Management, you can not only turn your datacenter more green, but also save a lot of green on the costs of paying for wasted infrastructure.

Here’s what I did for Earth Day

I asked Dick Sullivan (EMC’s Director of Enterprise Cloud Marketing and editor of the Energy Matters blog) to help me record a webcast on Energy Efficiency in Microsoft Datacenters.  He has been speaking about sustainability and energy efficiency for quite awhile, so he really knows his stuff here.  I was glad he said yes, and Dick drove most of the content and I jumped in occasionally with examples of Proven Solutions that EMC has tested out in order to showcase the actual value of all of the latest technologies that EMC recommends to green up your IT infrastructure.

Examples of Proven Solutions testing related to energy efficiency:

  • Server virtualization and the right architecture can shrink SharePoint farm power bills by 74% and increase performance at the same time.
  • 5 Enterprise Flash Drives can provide the same performance as 60 Fibre Channel drives in a TCP-E test (and save on the purchasing and powering of additional disk enclosures required for those 60 drives).
  • Reduce physical servers by 40% for an Exchange server deployment and reduce storage requirements by 35% using thin LUNs within EMC’s Virtual Provisioning technology.

It’s up to us to make a difference and think about ways to increase the efficiency in what we do.  And while I’m probably not as green as I could be in my personal life, we have switched to low-energy bulbs, and we keep the heat pretty low, and we try to reduce-reuse-recycle everywhere we can.  Earth day is a good day for CIO’s to start asking themselves what they can do about reducing, reusing, and recycling usable resources in their datacenters.


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