Virtual Winfrastructure – EMC and Hyper-V

I’d like to help introduce a new blogger in the house at EMC.

Adrian Simays will be blogging and advocating EMC’s approach towards Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

His blog, named Virtual Winfrastructure, aims to highlight the fact that EMC has a large group of people and projects dedicated to Microsoft’s Hyper-V.  We also have a lot of customers using a hybrid approach of both Hyper-V and VMware in their virtualization efforts.   And each of our product teams have been busy working on documentation that shows how it all works.

Here’s a small sample here:

I am subscribing, and look forward to reading some more good stuff from Adrian – a really smart dude that can put it in simple terms.  Learn more about Adrian here.  Subscribe here.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Winfrastructure – EMC and Hyper-V

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