Introducing EMC SharePoint Guru, James Baldwin

I think it’s time to spread the word about my colleague James Baldwin – an engineer in EMC’s Global Solutions Group – who I was able to see in “full tech mode” at the SharePoint Conference in Vegas.  You see, most of us storage geeks have it – one sec we’re joking around, then we  jump into tech jokes, and finally we’re in “full tech mode” – arguing about why Exchange is actually cheaper on a SAN (more on this later).  Whether or not SharePoint SQL servers should be virtualized or kept physical. Or how native backup tools compare against third-party tools.  Keeping SharePoint data secure, yet accessible in multiple locations…  He’s really good at this full-tech mode stuff, which qualifies him as an expert, and his job gives him unprecedented access to HUGE SharePoint environments and  to very smart engineers from EMC and Microsoft…

James now has a blog going, so please go give him a read if you wish to learn more about keeping your SharePoint farm in order; he’s calling it Sustainable SharePoint.

James has already had his work spotlighted by Chad “virtual geek” Sakac for showing how to save over 70% of your power bills by virtualizing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  (link here)

Go check out James now, in full tech mode, over at his site!

Tell him Power Windows sent ya!  Or something.


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