W2K8 R2 Hyper-V Live Migration with Exchange 2010, SQL 2008 R2, SCVMM, and EMC CLARiiON NQM

Longest title ever?  Thankfully I abbreviated SCVMM down from System Center Virtual Machine Manager.  Anyway…

Microsoft has announced their launch dates for Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, and Exchange 2010.

EMC will be there to support them in many cities including Baltimore, NYC, Irvine, Raleigh, St Louis (to name a few).

I was asked to see if we could put together a quick demo showcasing some of the cool stuff we could do, and we hooked it up FAST.

My colleague Ryan Kucera and I worked together to put a quick little proof of concept together showing a combination of dynamic storage and server load balancing. In little over a week (just before his next proof of concept build-out), we were able to crank out a demo that  showcases:

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2 (beta)
  • Hyper-V R2 Live Migration (not released yet)
  • Exchange 2010 (not released yet)
  • SQL 2008 R2 (not released yet)
  • CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning (creation of thin LUNs)
  • Storage IOPS thresholds (Navsphere Quality of Service Manager aka NQM)

The setup of the demo was this:

You’re setting up your virtual servers on Hyper-V servers and you’re moving stuff around pretty quickly…  You place two busy VM’s on the same host.  Performance is bad. You need to move the VM’s without downtime – we use Windows 2008 R2 Live Migration to show this.  Then you notice because we are using CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning and Thin LUNs for simplified management, we have multiple heavily utilized LUNs for different VM’s that are competing with each other on the same set of disks.  No problem. NQM gives you the ability to be able to place a threshold on LUN’s (like 500 IOPS max for SQL 2008 R2 in the video) and let others (like a standalone Exchange 2010 VM in the video) have more IOPS to service more requests.

Too many people don’t know most EMC storage devices can do this (in both physical and virtual environments).

But now you do.

(looking for higher resolution on the video – click here)


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