Free SharePoint Webinar: From Chaos to Success

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On June 17th, Windows IT Pro magazine is hosting a free-for-you technical webinar called “SharePoint: From Chaos to Success” and EMC is a participating sponsor. Specifically, I will be giving a presentation called Top Ten Considerations for Large SharePoint Farms (at 12:30EST).

In 45 minutes, I will attempt to cover all aspects of the farm including networking, databases, web front ends, and give you specific insights on features that have shown to influence clear, real-world benefits.  Yikes.  But it’s not all about me, we got the data from various places:  a) our largest customers, b) from prominent experts in the field at other companies, and c) from our own Proven Solutions lab testing.

The best part about these events is the live Q+A, I will be joined by my colleagues Eyal Sharon and James Baldwin from the Proven Solutions team who really are the minds and hands behind what I will be presenting.

I promised them some tough questions, so please don’t let me down.  Send this to your smartest SharePoint pals and invite them to see if they can Stump these Chumps 😉

We’ll also be giving away IoMega drives as part of the virtual conference, so on June 17th please check out our booth for more on that.

And for something really different, here is the Top Ten List in advance of the actual event.  I figure if you have this prior to the event, you might be able to research a bit and come to the event with better questions…



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