Prove It!

Every day a company is fooled by false advertising and claims that have no basis in reality.   Although EMC gets a fair share of knocks for being rough on our competitors, we’re equally rough on the applications and hardware platforms that we have to support.

Most everyone knows about EMC’s E-Lab

EMC E-Lab conducts the industry’s most rigorous interoperability testing, spanning every major platform and operating system. In the process, EMC E-Lab creates a deep pool of knowledge about complete environments as well as about every individual component you might use.  Most importantly, we share that knowledge with you so you can keep your environment operating safely and efficiently, regardless of your vendor mix  (this text lifted from our E-Lab website).

What many people don’t know about is EMC’s Proven Solutions

E-Lab basically stops at the OS.  Everything from the storage device up to the operating system and everything in between (HBA, switches, virtualization, and volume managers) is fulled covered by this excellent team.  No other storage vendors go that deep.

Then…  awhile back, someone had the idea that we needed to move our focus up a level and get serious about application testing.  Customers were demanding an application-centric view.  Customers wanted to see if 60,000 users could fit on a single CLARiiON.  They wanted to see how fast 20TB of Exchange data could be offloaded from a storage array to a disk library.  They also wanted to see it all together – what happens if I am replicating and archiving and cloning my data all at the same time?

The purpose of the group is to push the thresholds of the application and make sure we understand where the limits are – within the product or within our own products.  This has helped us to size storage layouts more effectively, understand bandwidth requirements, and how to manage and load balance a very large complex environment.  In some cases, we put Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint all in the same array and run heavy duty workloads for 24 hours to see what we can learn.    Needless to say, we end up breaking things a lot!

Check out this fun video that was produced in order to showcase Proven Solutions and how they can be used.   or click here.  Chris, the lab guy in the video, has a great sense of humor and sits right next to me in the office.  My favorite part is at 1:58 where he is bouncing back and forth between monitors with the keyboard tapping non-stop.  Fun stuff!



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