Getting Exchange PPTs Ready for EMC World

For EMC World 2009, I’ve got two presentations that I’m putting the finishing touches on:

1. Exchange Disaster Recovery: Good, Better, Best

This will highlight key differences in the styles of replication available to an Exchange environment: host-based, appliance-based, or array based. I’ve got some very interesting data comparing the built-in options of Exchange 2007 CCR and SCR versus EMC RecoverPoint and our array based offerings SRDF and MirrorView.

2. Microsoft Exchange 2007 Storage Best Practices for SAN and DAS Deployments

This session will discuss our latest best practices and discuss how EMC can offer low-cost solutions that meet the budget as well as mission critical deployments for businesses that truly consider Exchange to be a mission critical application.

On a related note, a recent customer asked “what do you consider to be mission critical?”  My answer was “if your employees would flip if Exchange was down for a few minutes, then it’s mission critical.  If you use Exchange for just about everything, it’s probably mission critical.  If you are sending alerts that mark specific business events and provide notifications to line-of-business managers, then it’s probably mission critical.  If you lost email data, and you’d fear your job – it just might be mission critical.”  Sorry for sounding so Jeff Foxworthy. 🙂


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