Exchange 2010 Public Beta Arrives

Today, Microsoft has released a public beta of Exchange 2010 and has affirmed the name publically (although the name slipped onto the web via Paul Thurrott SuperSite months ago).   Here’s the new  Microsoft Exchange 2010 Homepage.

So far, the major themes being highlighted via Flash animation include:

  • Unified messaging
  • Exchange Online
  • Archiving and Retention

PC World Coverage here

Exchange 2010 tries to fend off Google Apps (Computerworld)

Even more coverage here

Download it here:


2 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 Public Beta Arrives

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  2. Rolf Plate

    Hello Brian,

    I wrote a usermanagment-software, which might be interesting to you:

    ADO++ is a new software for managing Active Directory objects:
    With the introduction of Exchange 2007, Microsoft has changed the administration of users, groups etc. The administration of the Exchange attributes of an Active-Directory-object has been separated from managing non-Exchange attributes. Although belonging to the same object, the attributes must be administrated with two tools: the Microsoft ADUC and the management console of Exchange 2007. Additionally the administrator can or may use the Powershell with the Exchange-Snapin .
    With ADO++ it is now again possible to administrate all important attributes of an AD-object including the Exchange 2007 attributes with one tool. ADO++ also allows administrators to manage Exchange-mailboxrights as in Exchange 2003, including the use of trusted forests. ADO++ displays Active Directory objects in the directory hierarchy, like the ADUC, or in a flat browser structure, like the global addresslist in Outlook.
    Additionally, ADO++ now offers a GUI-based restore of deleted AD-Users, their mailboxes and of AD-groups and bulk changes.

    Friendly regards



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