Video: Microsoft AdCenter Using V-Max

I took some rough notes on this great video that features Mike Anderson, Senior Systems Engineer, and Bong Kang, SAN Engineering Lead for the Microsoft Advertising group and their endorsement of the new Symmetrix V-Max.

AdCenter has very rigorous service level agreements on how fast they return intelligence data.

The ability to grow the array without downtime is a huge win for AdCenter.

Easier to deploy, automate.  We like the fast it has a lot of performance to meet SLAs.

We can start with a small footprint and grow as we need, putting the pieces anywhere we want as we need it.  Allows us to deploy just as we need it without affecting production application or the rest of the datacenter space.

This saves time and money and saves us from orphaning power and capacity in our facility.

In our testing, we found V-Max delivers higher performance and better response time… The faster we can make our application go, the more money we are going to make.

Automation is huge.

Today to get a LUN on the host we use 3 spreadsheets and a lot of scripts.
With V-Max we cut time to mask and present storage by about 70%. With V-Max we create a few groups and the storage is ready on the host.

New Virtual LUN migration features allow us to enable non-disputive migrations to lower-cost, higher capacity space as the data ages. Virtual LUN migration “simplifies our process, meaning we don’t have to necessarily have all of the meetings with our business teams, our development teams, and our operational folks to get a maintenance window.  We know we’re comfortable moving the data online at any time.”

The Symmetrix Manage Console (SMC) has a wizard that allows us to move LUNs and that saves us a lot of time.   It allows multiple tasks at the same time.

We get huge gains in automation, and reduced administrative overhead. We also greatly reduce power and cooling requirements and cost of storage per GB.

They love being able to add performance “where we need it, when we need it”

Reduced capital expenditures and operational expenditures over the life of the array.


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