Windows 7 – No More Easter Eggs?

easter_egg_purple_ribbonThese days, Microsoft has matured into a company that thinks it must take itself pretty seriously.

Here’s a question about Easter Eggs on the Microsoft Technet Forums by Drew26

Can we get some easter eggs in Windows 7? They’re so much fun and add an element of exploring features of an operating system… Just an idea. There’s no need to, really, but it would be neat?

The answer is nowhere to be found in the Wikipedia entry.   But here’s some insight from the Technet Forums:

Sorry… But it ain’t gonna happen. While I would agree that finding hidden Easter eggs can be kind of fun and the like, corporate customers would never let it fly. They won’t be buying an OS where hidden stuff can pop out and distract users from doing their jobs or possibly be exploitable.

Or this, more patronizing response (could be from a MS guy?):

Sadly, I think the days of enterprising individuals putting flight sims in Excel are over, Drew. 🙂

With all the planning, testing, and whatnot that is involved it’s not good for people to toss in random stuff.

On second thought, there is always the registry, that’s full of features that aren’t discoverable via UI.

Hacking the registry instead of flying around – which one seems more like a risk to your computer?

Personally an Easter Egg or two can be appreciated, what if it’s not the typical Easter Egg but something with a bit more thought and organization to it?     Like the fictional commercials (Hanso Foundation or Oceanic Airlines)   sometimes aired during episodes of Lost, or the show Fringe which offers letter-based clues based on images shown before commercial breaks…  the element of scavenging around for clues embedded deeper within the OS can lead to great viral press and genuine interest.  Right now, the most digging people are doing in Windows are not to find interesting new features, but more to find security holes.

The closest they got was when I opened up a beta version of Windows 7 and saw a betta fish background… haha.  They could do a lot more, whether it be a contest to design Windows 7 wallpaper (helping to build the final OS package), or dropping in wallpaper that promoted interesting features within the OS…

I think this time around, we’re seeing a more serious company release a very serious product – Windows 7 is very fast and stable from what I’ve experienced – and they need a successful product to right the wrongs of Vista.

If you’re a Windows geek like me, the only Easter Eggs you could see this year will be on Easter Sunday.


If you got this far, I must say thanks for reading my blog, and as your reward- here are some cool Easter eggs that are popular on the ‘intertubes’ these days:

1. Flickr Snow: Click on a Flickr picture.  Up above where the address is located, add the following:           ?snow=1

Can you guess what will happen?    (just show me)   [update 7/19/10 I don’t think this works anymore… even less Easter Eggs = bad]

2. Google Flight Simulator: Get Google Earth 42.  On PC  hit Ctrl+Alt+A.  Mac users hit Cmd+Opt+A

A full fledged flight simulator will appear and you can choose airport and your plane. Click here for instructions.

3. Google Microsoft Search: Well, this isn’t really an Easter Egg, but it’s a high powered version of a Google Custom Search.

When you go to they make sure the returned search results have “something” to do with Microsoft.   Try searching my name in a regular search and you get the former broadcaster from New Zealand, “Hendo.”  Now, try the “Google Microsoft” search engine and most of the results are me!

4. Here’s a new one: Google Maps Foreclosure Visualization.

Happy Easter everyone.


11 thoughts on “Windows 7 – No More Easter Eggs?

      1. bijnok

        Tsss no it desactivates the aero style for this instance of ALT+TAB when you do ALT+ALTGR ALT+TAb (don’t release ALT)

  1. Dhex

    Its not that they are more mature. A law was made few years ago prohibin easter eggs, arguing that the costumer should get precissely whats he buying with no hidden stuff. MS doenst want more legal issues so they stopped doing it.

  2. Gina

    Here’s one as well:

    Create a new folder on your desktop and name it “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”


    Gina Candido

  3. Richo7

    Try this as an easter egg for windows 7

    create a new folder on your active partition and name such folder


    have fun with it.

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