TWEEVO – The New Pop-Up Video

Off topic post – I’ve got an idea that could be explored by enterprising web-developers who wish to make some money riding the Twitter wave.

You know Twitter – real-time updates across the web across a huge assortment of channels – and you know Tivo which essential turns TV into an on-demand database.

What about combining the two? Well, to me, TWEEVO could be the new pop-up video.

For me, Twitter is the most fun when I’m watching something real-time such as the debates, a TV show with rabid fans like Lost, or events like EMC’s upcoming EMC World or Microsoft TechEd (stretch reference).

For some of these real-time events (TV shows especially) I wouldn’t mind watching a video on one side of the screen and the tweets on another.  I know it’s a bit of information overload, but it’s the layering of content and opinion that I think people are progressing towards.  I’d like to go back and watch a few episodes of Lost with Tweets turned on – starting at the same time the show starts.

Today you now have the ability to annotate YouTube videos – marking certain points in the video that you feel need to be explained or underlined – but it takes a little time and effort.  If a video instead could be associated with a Twitter hash-tag, then you have something that is simple and powerful – TWEEVO !   The hash-tags might need to get a bit longer to accommodate such a purpose – episode names perhaps, but it’s not unlikely.

Google is rumored to be in talks with Twitter for a potential acquisition and it would make perfect sense.  Evan has the connections and has sold to Google before, Twitter would extend Google’s reach to real-time search, and they could combine the technology like above to make something unique that people would probably love… TWEEVO!


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