SourceOne – Archiving 2.0 for Exchange and More

Consider EmailXtender to be EMC’s first generation archiving product.

SourceOne is EMC’s Archiving 2.0 product – completely re-written to match today’s needs.

The most significant and unique difference to me is the ability to assign roles to specific jobs within their archiving framework.  In this sense, EMC is releasing a significant archiving product which looks a lot like some of Microsoft’s popular enterprise applications out there.

In Exchange you have Hub, CAS, and Mailbox roles… in SharePoint you have web front ends, app servers, and database roles.  These roles can live on the same server, but in large environments people might prefer to break out individual components to allow for max performance, scalability, and reliability.

Like Exchange and SharePoint – SourceOne effectively breaks out all of the unique roles within the archiving framework to allow for flexible re-distribution of resources as your requirements change.  “Resources” in this case includes input sources, workers, archive, and the master server.   They can all be on the same server or broken out over time onto dedicate physical or virtual servers.

Over time the amount of data you will archive could increase – you can scale a component rather than re-architecting the whole system.  As we add other archiving inputs (perhaps SharePoint) you will need to make sure there are enough workers and archive servers for the new data.

And you can break out components temporarily.  Let’s say you want to pull in all of your PST files across the company… you’d provision a few servers for the task at hand during off hours, then re-purpose them to something else after the ingestion is complete.

This is a big announcement and it makes me happy we didn’t do it yesterday 🙂

Interesting links to check out

EMC’s course syllabus for SourceOne

Even if you don’t take the class, you can learn a little about how the product works by reviewing this.

Coverage from other EMC Bloggers

Chucks Blog (Chuck Hollis)

Chuck gives his high level view of how this product enables enterprise-wide ILM and how ILM benefits organizations.

StorageZilla (Mark Twomey)

Zilla talks about how email archiving products really haven’t caught up with the rising tidal wave of email within a company.


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