Been Traveling… Some Quick Recaps

I’ve been traveling a bit lately and spending a lot of time working with customers and presentation materials… so I haven’t had too much time to come up with just one big topic.  Instead, I will offer you a few snack-sized morsels.  Enjoy.

Cisco and Unified Computing and … Microsoft?

Seems like everyone needs to cover this in their blog, and since my angle is typically Microsoft oriented, it’s interesting to note Cisco is also partnering with Microsoft on their Unified Computing System strategy.  The Cisco strategy – if you haven’t heard yet – is this: “pretty soon we’ll be selling servers, and right now we’re lining up as many big players as we can get.”

“The Cisco agreement with Microsoft was of a more limited scope, with Cisco agreeing to resell and support Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V technology, Windows Server 2003, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Microsoft also said that it would work closely with Cisco to ensure that the Microsoft System Center family of products integrates with the Unified Computing System.  (Windows IT Pro)

Dugie’s Pensieve Provides Microsoft Virtualization Guidance

EMC is mentioned in both the GUIDANCE summaries provided by Dugie.  Virtualizing SQL calls out the storage utility I blogged about not too long ago with Symmetrix DMX4 (with virtual provisioning) as the base technology.  Virtualizing SharePoint points to Microsoft’s own guidance on Virtualized MOSS and also makes reference to a friends blog who writes about how EMC’s Proven Solutions Team proved that virtualizing SharePoint can save 70% of the power resources compared to traditional physical deployments.

Microsoft SCVMM 2008 R2 Beta Now Available

If you are still doubtful that Microsoft is going to release a Live Migration (VMotion-like) functionality, you’re mistaken.  It’s here now (in beta form).  More details and how to get it HERE.


Internet Explorer 8 Ships.

If you are not a Chrome fanatic or a Firefoxer, you can start by downloading IE 8 here.  Compatibility mode will help you adjust to pages that aren’t yet ready for IE8.  An expanded index of add-ins (popularized from Firefox) allow you to download a fairly slim base install, then customize over time with web developer tools, search engine optimization plug-in, and a lot more.

Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope goes public.

“you can bring up the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) in optical wavelengths, load in Spitzer’s infrared view, and then use a slider button to morph one view into the other. The dark, dusty swirls in the optical view turn out to be exactly where the infrared emissions are the brightest.”

Cool!  Download it here.

Azure Cloud Gets a Refresh

As you know, Microsoft’s V1 products aren’t the best.  But look out for V2, V3, and especially V4.  Microsoft is now on V2 (or Beta 2) of their Azure layer of cloud services that sit atop their “Red Dog” cloud operating system announced last October – publicized in the media and in magazines I like including Wired.  This means it’s getting closer and closer to showtime.

Microsoft announced last week that it is also reworking the SQL Data Services (SDS) component of Azure to make it more like a hosted relational database.  They want to make sure there’s an alternative to MySQL in the cloud.

More information on Exchange 14

Well, not too much new information, but enough to keep the herds at bay.  Exchange “14” OWA will not only support IE, but also Firefox and Safari.  Wonder if Chrome will come next?? 🙂

Next time, probably one topic, more thought.  Thank you for reading Power Windows.  Subscribe via RSS feed if you’d like to stay tuned to what’s happening around Microsoft in the Enterprise.


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