Microsoft Exchange Releases, Exchange 14, Exchange 2010

[Looking for Exchange 14 or Exchange 2010 information? Click here]

The Microsoft Exchange team was pretty quiet in 2008, according to the most commonly available chart indicating Microsoft Exchange versions and their release dates:


Oh yeah, this leaves out 12 Rollups.   7 for Exchange Server RTM and 5 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

So, maybe it’s about time for Exchange 14 aka Exchange 2010 to start to reveal itself?

If the name Exchange 2010 is news to you, the name is starting to make appearances around the web, although I think the news was broken by Old Reliable, the Windows SuperSite by Paul Thorrutt.

What’s in Exchange 2010?

Although EMC is officially part of the “Exchange 14” TAP (Technology Adoption Program), I would be slapped silly by a big guy in a blue shirt if I revealed some of the documents I’ve seen. 🙂

However, let’s consolidate some public speculation and discussion I found on the web:

[Update 2: After the publication of this post, which was made with all publically available information, Microsoft released a video (without much meat) about Exchange 14/2010.  Were the two things related?  All I can say is perhaps…



One thought on “Microsoft Exchange Releases, Exchange 14, Exchange 2010

  1. RayInf

    This is good info about E14. Too early to tell though. I also saw that blog post when you first mentioned it. His management people must have told him to remove it… funny you have a screenshot just in case the guy in blue comes running.


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