Bad News for Microsoft in 2009


It’s been a day since becoming 2009, and already Microsoft has a couple of bad news stories traveling quickly around the online world related to the Zune and … rumored layoffs.  😦

The Zune apparently suffered the most recent form of Year 2000-esque bad coding problems related to the handling of a leap year within the Zune code.  It happened only to folks with the 30GB model, and the fix seemed almost as perplexing as the problem itself.  The funny thing is that if this was an iPod problem, it would have made large headlines that competed with 2008 Year in Review wrapups and pictures of fireworks.  Instead, it was a somewhat quiet problem – unless you went through it, I suppose. Check out this clip (and notice how much soda this guy drinks).

And, from someone on Twitter, I found layoff rumors published by the website FUDzilla (FUD, for you industry newbies, stands for Fear Uncertainly and Doubt aka unverified rumors).  We can’t be 100% sure it’s true, it does line up with other sources (CNET, Seattle PI, Mini-Microsoft) that were previously published on the web.

That’s the thing that sometimes annoys me about the web, you can never be 100% sure if your sources are real (especially they are anonymous and are given silly names such as Mini-Microsoft and FUDzilla).

(update Jan 2 Fudzilla says Why the Layoffs Will Happen, Andy Beal on Why Everyone Shouldn’t Be Surprised)


One thought on “Bad News for Microsoft in 2009

  1. Ryan

    The Toshiba Gigabeat also experienced the same issue. So it might be related to the Freescale processor that the Zune 30 and Gigabeat use.


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