How Long is Your Backup Window?

Not long ago, I was giving a workshop to a few customers in Indianapolis.  The point was to educate them on what EMC could do for Microsoft apps and databases.

At one point, during a short bio break, two guys were getting quite animated comparing the length of their nightly backup windows.  One was a SQL DBA.  The other was an Exchange admin.

I laughed pretty hard, not only because I live in a world where I am constantly surrounded by geeks, but because neither of them was accomplishing anything remotely remarkable with their backups. No dedupe. No VTL or EDL. Not even a proxy node to offload the production CPU cycles.  Weak. 🙂

Seriously. If your backup window is in the hours, you are not only missing the boat, but you are also missing that time when you could be doing more useful stuff with your systems.

Time is important.  I live outside Boston, and when I have to go to NYC, I sometimes drive – but rarely.  I’d rather be on a plane or a train (big Accela fan) so I can be doing something (geeky) instead of being focused on the road for 3 and a half hours.

That freed up time allows me to read the paper, watch a movie, catch up on work, or make calls (not in the quiet car of course).


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