Microsoft Support: Top Issues for Windows 2008 Clustering

An eye-opening post directly from Jeff Hughes, Senior Support Escalation Engineer in the Microsoft Enterprise Platforms Support Team.

To further add to this, I’d like to comment on issues 2 and 3.

2. Storage hardware does not support SCSI 3 Persistent reservations

Well, it’s a good thing EMC is good to go here.  When using EMC Symmetrix, you do have to enable SCSI-3 persistent reservations.  To do this, you need to set a bit called the PER bitMore information available here.

3. Multi-Site configuration education – In Windows 2008, the Failover Cluster software allows for better support of multi-site configurations which allow the cluster nodes to be on different subnets (and support what they call an “or” feature… this subnet “or” this other subnet…) to reduce the need for configuring VLANs.  The caveat here is the application support. EMC has had a products which support geographically dispersed clustering for quite some time and we’ve seen configured all types of VLAN configurations.  What cannot be done is SQL based “or” functionality (because SQL doesn’t support yet).  Exchange 2007 does support this functionality however.


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